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Latest Stories

Mikael from Norway is 18 years old and passionate for Jesus. Recently he shared his faith during a sports outreach in London.

When an OM Lifehope team, partnering with On the Move International, held their annual community barbeque, they did something a little different.

OM Lifehope partners with More Than Gold, an organisation that equips local churches to engage with their communities during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Dominic Notegen, a 27-year-old English Language Community Outreach student at OM Lifehope, feels called to spread the Gospel.

Latest Photos

United Kingdom: Playing Football in Hyde Park
United Kingdom: When OM Lifehope’s outreach team at Ward End,held their annual community barbeque, they did something a little different...
United Kingdom: Glasgow Outreach - reaching children through baloons.
United Kingdom: Dominic Notegen, a 27-year-old ELCO (English Language Community Outreach) student at OM Lifehope, felt he was called to spread the gospel.
United Kingdom: Haley and pastor talking
United Kingdom: The bracelets depict four images that share the gospel message.
United Kingdom: Some of the team getting ready to go out in the community to people’s homes and pray for them.
United Kingdom: A homeless person in Birmingham, UK.
United Kingdom: English Language Community Outreach students from OM Lifehope lend a hand to volunteers at the Black Country Food Bank near Birmingham, UK.
United Kingdom: During OM Lifehope’s Toolkit – an intensive training programme that equips workers for ministry, particularly in the UK – trainees work together, overcoming differences in language, culture, and personality to become a unified team.
United Kingdom: Join a team for a five-month adventure!
United Kingdom: OM Lifehope team member paints a henna design while sharing a story from the Bible.
United Kingdom: This is a group of teens who participated in an outreach
United Kingdom: People going door to door
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Start Date: August 2015
Commitment Length: 1-2 years
Start Date: August 2015
Commitment Length: 6-12 months
Start Date: August 2015
Commitment Length: 1-2 years

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