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Latest Stories

Dominic Notegen, a 27-year-old English Language Community Outreach student at OM Lifehope, feels called to spread the Gospel.

When Rev Graham Clay, Pastor of Stratford-Upon-Avon Baptist Church, decided to have an OM ministry team work with his church, he didn’t hesitate to take action.

“If you could have one wish from God today, what would you wish for?” Evangelism coach, Richard Sharp, taught his outreach method called ‘One Wish’.

Members of Christ Church in Lye and OM’s local team visit neighbourhoods to invite residents to church, hand out tracts or hear prayer requests.

Latest Photos

United Kingdom: Dominic Notegen, a 27-year-old ELCO (English Language Community Outreach) student at OM Lifehope, felt he was called to spread the gospel.
United Kingdom: Haley and pastor talking
United Kingdom: The bracelets depict four images that share the gospel message.
United Kingdom: Some of the team getting ready to go out in the community to people’s homes and pray for them.
United Kingdom: A homeless person in Birmingham, UK.
United Kingdom: English Language Community Outreach students from OM Lifehope lend a hand to volunteers at the Black Country Food Bank near Birmingham, UK.
United Kingdom: During OM Lifehope’s Toolkit – an intensive training programme that equips workers for ministry, particularly in the UK – trainees work together, overcoming differences in language, culture, and personality to become a unified team.
United Kingdom: Join a team for a five-month adventure!
United Kingdom: OM Lifehope team member paints a henna design while sharing a story from the Bible.
United Kingdom: This is a group of teens who participated in an outreach
United Kingdom: People going door to door
United Kingdom: A small Black Country, UK, church were blessed by the efforts of five young missionaries from different parts of the world.
United Kingdom: OM Lifehope Dancelink holds a workshop for girls in a predominately Muslim area of Birmingham, UK, to teach not only dance moves but also about Jesus.
United Kingdom: Lorna became a good friend to the team
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Start Date: January 2015
Commitment Length: 1-2 years
Start Date: January 2015
Commitment Length: 6-12 months
Start Date: January 2015
Commitment Length: 1-2 years

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